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Chevy Chase, MD (March 19, 2018) RadTech, the trade association for UV+EB technology, will feature 3D printing innovations, breakthroughs, and technology previews from new start-ups to established equipment and resin suppliers at RadTech 2018, the UV+EB Technology Conference and Expo, May 7-9, 2018 in Chicago, IL.

RadTech 2018 will feature presentations on 3D Printing including material innovations, new tech, formulation, the use of UV LEDs, and hybrid processing. In addition to multiple conference sessions, RadTech 2018 will also feature a panel discussion including Formlabs and Trio-Labs that will address the benefits and needs for the continued development of resin 3D printing, including new materials such as ceramics and metal.

The RadTech RadLaunch initiative to support innovators and start-ups will also offer presentations on exciting, unique, next-gen 3D printing, including composites, metals, and a foam printing project developed for light-weighting applications in aerospace and automotive.

RadTech 2018 begins with optional short courses offering the basics in resin chemistry for new 3D material developers. Also, the Conference includes over 100 adjacent presentations and 80 exhibitors. Learn more about all the 3D printing topics at RadTech 2018 at

Contact: Mickey Fortune, 240-643-0517,

Chevy Chase, MD (March 12, 2018) RadLaunch, the new, unique idea accelerator for ultraviolet and electron beam (UV+EB) technology start-ups, students and innovators is pleased to announce our candidates for 2018. If selected as a RadLaunch participant, each company will receive financial support, a travel grant to attend RadTech 2018, and technical, marketing and funding mentorship opportunities.

RadLaunch 2018 Candidates:

Reboot Medical, Inc.
PhotoCast Casting Tape, light-cured composite tape that hardens on-demand, producing a rigid splint or cast.

Team from Eastern Michigan University
“Green” UV-LED curable nail gel polishes from Bio-Renewable Materials.

UltraV Coatings
New, protective floor coatings for instant return-to-service and lasting durability for floor finishes and also directional and safety line striping.

Team from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Nanocrystal photocatalysts which fill an unmet need for efficient water-soluble photoinitiators for coatings and 2&3D printing.
Extend the life of exterior siding coatings, and reduce maintenance costs by pre-treating floors and siding with polymers using UV technology to cure and protect wood from extreme exposure.

Continuous Composites
Continuous Fiber 3D printing creates a moldless, “out of autoclave” composite manufacturing process, embed functional fibers to create a part that can sense and react to stimuli.

LiTeProducts LLC
Flash sanitizer for disinfecting cutting boards, knives, and utensils using environmentally friendly ultraviolet and visible LEDs to enhance Food Safety at the point of preparation.

Mica Corporation
Electron beam water-based primers for flexible packaging systems to create the first "water-based" system used in retort packages with a focus on users of EB digital inks and varnishes.

Trio Labs
Rapid UV 3D printing to create metal and ceramic parts with the same characteristics achieved through standard powder injection molding (PIM) processes.

The Foam Printing Project
Lightweight parts from resin that is foamed using a patent-pending process and solidified using a UV DLP 3D printer, parts have up to 75% gas fractions, are lighter weight and less expensive to produce.

Eaton Chemical, Inc.
UVLED Anticorrosive ID coating for downhole oil/gas pipe, in contrast to baking systems, with significant batching, staging, and handling requirements, system may also be used in-field for repairs, fabrication, and couplings where traditional coatings cannot be cured.

Dynamic Matter LLC
UV curable thermosetting polymer that can be remolded, relax stress, or repurposed following polymerization for use in optical applications and composites to reduce shrinkage and environmental stresses.

Team from the University of Iowa
Transferrable Shadow Cure (TSC) decouples initiation and propagation mechanisms in cationic photopolymerization to address light penetration problems, thus providing full cure regardless of geometry, pigment and filler content, and sensitivity of material to light and heat.

moi composites
A new, patented process that merges the performances of thermosetting composite materials with the potentialities of Additive Manufacturing opening the world of advance composites to features today unimaginable.

The RadLaunch class of 2018 will be presented at RadTech 2018, May 7-9, 2018, Chicago, IL. For more information visit

Contact: Mickey Fortune, 240-643-0517,

UV+EB for Food Safety Session Announced at RadTech 2018
Chevy Chase, MD (March 7, 2018) Industry, Government lab, and University experts will discuss the non-thermal disinfection of juice, milk, and tea, as well as the use of UV for process preparation and product packaging solutions at at special session on UV+EB for Food Safety, taking place Monday, May 7, 2018 at the RadTech UV+EB 2018 Conference in Chicago, IL. UV is a proven technology, offering an economically-sound, effective, and versatile dry-process technology, that improves plant and consumer safety and offers the further preservation of different foods as well as extended shelf life. This session, sponsored by the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), presents the latest updates on the science based validation and commercialization of UV technology for food applications from seed to stomach.

This first of its kind session includes topics related to: Global regulations related to UV for food safety; validation of shelf life extension; and a user’s perspective of UV treatment of beverages. In addition, with the rapid emergence of LEDs, the symposium will address the use of UV LEDs for indoor crop growth simulation, pathogen inactivation, and spoilage reduction; and we will conclude the event with a UV treated cold pressed juice tasting. RadTech 2018 features over 100 presentations and 80 exhibitors, for more information and to register, visit

Contact: Mickey Fortune, 240-643-0517,

A special short course on Inkjet Surface Decoration from IMI’s Industrial Print Academy will be offered at RadTech 2018, May 6 in Chicago. With the rapid development of inkjet applications on products including packaging, glass, textiles, footware, flooring, home décor, and containers, this course will offer techniques for process evaluation, optimization and implementation to help ensure success. The course will discuss crucial system aspects as well as the successes and challenges of inkjet in the diverse product decoration landscape, offering a proven systematic process for connecting the dots from an initial idea to feasibility studies, to development engineering, to system design, and ultimately to production line implementation.

Dr. Alan L. Hudd, Director and Founder, Alchemie Technology, Cambridge, UK will present the course, suitable for engineers, product development staff, managers, business development/planning, and marketing professionals. Key topics include the transition to digital, surface properties, process requirements, and ink selection.

RadTech 2018 features over 100 presenters and 80 exhibitors across manufacturing including UV LEDs, 3D printing, packaging, surface finishing and much more. For more information and to register, visit

Thursday, 15 February 2018 16:01

RadTech Announces 2018 President's Award

Contact: Mickey Fortune, 240-643-0517,

Chevy Chase, MD (February 15, 2018) Molly Hladik, Technical Project Leader with Michelman, was honored with the RadTech President's award, at the group's Annual meeting in Miami in February 2018. RadTech, a nonprofit trade association for ultraviolet and electron beam technologies (UV+EB) presents a special "President's Award" each year to honor volunteer leadership and service. "Molly has offered tremendous leadership and support to our UV+EB community for several years," says Lisa Fine, of Joules Angstrom and President of RadTech. "She currently leads our printing and packaging, and technical conference committees, serves on our editorial board, and until recently served on our board of directors."

Dr. Hladik is also an adjunct professor with the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF), where she helped create a unique online Radiation Curing Program, offering graduate level courses and certification on UV+EB technology. She received her PhD in Chemistry/Polymer Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and has established herself as a recognized leader in UV+EB technology.

January 25, 2018

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with The Photopolymerization Fundamentals Conference--the premier scientific meeting for academic and industrial participants--to present the latest research on novel and fundamental questions related to photopolymerization, at RadTech 2018, May 7-9, 2018 in Chicago, IL.

Leading UV+EB researchers from six Universities, as well as the Air Force Research Laboratory, will present their recent research on critical results, and findings that may aid product development. Talks will highlight emerging applications and materials platforms including high-performance fibers, self-assembly, novel polymerization systems and methods of controlling network structure and properties, photo-responsive networks, click chemistry, and light activated dark cure.

More Information »

Contact: Mickey Fortune, 240-643-0517,

Chevy Chase, MD (January 10, 2018) As the use of ultraviolet and electron beam (UV+EB) processes continues to grow and new applications arise, traditional manufacturing firms are customizing their equipment for these fast emerging technologies. Crucial product and service providers in areas such as fluid delivery, robotics, application equipment, conveyance, controls, testing, inspection, systems integration, and health and safety are increasingly finding their customers moving to UV+EB platforms. To support their efforts to address these new market opportunities, RadTech, the non profit trade association for UV+EB, has started a new Applications Support Committee.

“The depth and breadth of UV+EB technical information, and the networking and partnership opportunities provided by RadTech are instrumental in the growth of this technology and vital to a wide array of manufacturing equipment and service providers,” says Mike Bonner, Saint Clair Systems vice President, and RadTech Board Member. “There are many firms like mine that find their customers are either adopting, investigating, or have expressed an interest in UV+EB technologies, and our goal is to create a resource for them at RadTech.”

The Applications Support Committee meets next at the RadTech winter meeting in Miami, all are welcome, and there is no charge for the meeting.  For more information on the new committee, please visit and contact RadTech at


Contact: Mickey Fortune, 240-643-0517,

Chevy Chase, MD (January 6, 2018) TAGA (Technical Association for the Graphic Arts) and RadTech (the nonprofit trade association for ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technologies) are partnering to offer students cash prizes for the creation of original posters touting the benefits of  UV+EB technology. UV+EB is a fast, efficient, energy saving printing technology that largely eliminates harmful chemicals. The process, also referred to as energy curing, enables new printing techniques and product differentiation. “Students are vital to our mission at TAGA and the future of our industry,” says Wandee Poolpol, ECKART America Corporation, and Executive Vice President of TAGA. “We have been delighted by past student involvement in this competition, and look forward to engaging new students and sharing their creations.”

The winning poster designs will be showcased by RadTech with the name of the winning students and their college/school, at the biennial RadTech 2018 Conference, in Chicago IL, May 7-9, 2018. They will also be published in UV+EB technology magazine and posted to the group’s website, For more information and to register, please visit:


Tuesday, 02 January 2018 20:55

RadTech Elects 2018 Board Members

Contact: Mickey Fortune, 240-643-0517,

Chevy Chase, MD (January 2, 2018) RadTech, the Association for ultraviolet and electron beam technologies (UV+EB) is proud to announce the election of new board members. Todd Fayne, Pepsico; Sunny Ye, 3M; and Mike Bonner, Saint Clair Systems, Inc. were elected by RadTech members to serve a two year term, starting on January 1, 2018. In addition, board members elected to a second term include: JoAnn Arceneaux, Allnex; Mark Gordon, INX International; George McGill, Precision Ink; Alexander Polykarpov, AkzoNobel; Xiaosong Wu, DSM; and Hui Yang, Procter and Gamble.

“We are proud that over the years, RadTech members have maintained diversity on our Board, to include a wide range of experience, application focus and expertise,” says Lisa Fine, Joules Angstrom, President of RadTech. “UV+EB technologies are unique as they continually evolve to serve innovative business opportunities, and our Board plays a significant role in ensuring our group supports new initiatives.” In addition to Ms. Fine serving as President, Eileen Weber of RedSpot is the RadTech incoming President; Jennifer Heathcote, Phoseon, Secretary; Paul Elias, Miwon, Treasurer, and Peter Weissman, Quaker Chemical, Immediate Past President. Returning Board members include Susan Bailey, IGM Resins; David Biro, Sun Chemical; Michael Gould, Rahn USA; Chris Seubert, Ford Motor Co, and Xiaosong Wu, DSM.

We will formally welcome all new RadTech Board Members at the upcoming RadTech UV+EB Technology Expo & Conference taking place at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, IL, May 7-9, 2018. For details on the conference, visit

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