New 3D Printing Course, Committee, and Conference Announced by Non-profit

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RadTech, the trade association for UV and EB curing technology, is announcing a new initiative to advance the development of photopolymer resin-based 3D printing. RadTech will feature a suite of educational activities as part of uv.eb WEST 2015, taking place March 10-11 in Redondo Beach, California.  Conference presentations will include Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects, Brian Adzema from Autodesk, and Dr. Mike Idacavage, PL Industries.  At uv.eb WEST, Dr. Idacavage will also preview his new online 3D printing course, “Basics of UV Curable 3D Printing,” that was developed by SUNY ESF, in partnership with RadTech. This course provides an overview of the chemistry and technology behind the UV 3D printing process, and showcases the science enabling technologies such as SLA, DLP and Inkjet printing.

A UV 3D printing committee will also kick-off at the Redondo Beach event, with a focus on technology and education.  In addition, the group will address the development of appropriate and consistent environmental, health and safety documentation as a resource for 3D printing suppliers and users.  “UV cured 3D printed products are often considered the highest quality currently achievable,” says Dr. Idacavage, chair of the new committee.  “In order to make the best use of the capabilities of UV curable 3D printing, it is very important to have a solid understanding of the many factors involved. RadTech through uv.eb WEST and the UV 3D printing committee is positioned to serve as one of the best resources for anyone interested in this technology. ”

Registration for uv.eb WEST 2015 is online now. The exhibition for uv.eb WEST 2015 is sold out and will feature over 40 exhibitors.