UV+EB Resource Guide for Printers

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Additional Resources

Food Packaging/Packaging

Food Packaging Compliant Inks and Set-Off Migration (presentation). 2020.

PepsiCo Explores Electron Beam Curing for Flexible Packaging. 2020.

Food Packaging-Compliant Inks and Set Off Migration. 2020.

Attainable Sustainable: Using Electron Beam Technology in Compostable Flexible Packaging. 2020.

Waterbased UV LED-Curable Compositions for Graphics Applications. 2019.

UV LED for Wide Web Flexible Packaging (webinar). 2019.

Bisphenol A Free Resin Options for Inks and Overprint Varnishes. 2018.

Waterbased UV LED Curable Compositions for Graphics Applications, Including Food Packaging and Inkjet Inks. 2018.

Alternatives to Energy-Cure Oligomers Based on Bisphenol A for Printing and Packaging Applications. 2018.

UV LED Low Migration Laminating Adhesives for Flexible Packaging. 2018.

Residual Building Block Chemicals in Raw Materials and Finished Printing Inks: A Risk Assessment

The Soft Touch: Haptics Enhance Print and Packaging

Energy-Curable Flexo Special Effects Coatings for Packaging: An Application Guide

UV Technologies as Alternative to Heat Pasteurization of Foods and Beverages: Is this a Reality? (PowerPoint)

Mars and the Food Safety Modernization Act (PowerPoint)

Food Security: ebeam’s role in securing the world’s food supply (PowerPoint)

Ink Migration and Food Safety Take Center Stage at Inaugural RadTech Packaging Conference

Current and Future Challenges for UV/EB Inks in Low Migration Food Packaging (PowerPoint)

Advances in Electron Beam Curing in Wide Web Flexible Package Printing

Photoinitiators: Challenges in Food Packaging Applications

Recent Advances in Low Viscosity, Low Migration, Fast Curing UV/EB Resin Technology

Raw Material Strategies for Food Packaging Compliance

The Cure for the Common Design: Using Specialty Effects to Enhance Your Shelf Appeals (webinar)

UV-Inkjet Printing on Food Packaging: State of the Art and Outlook

Polymeric Photoinitiators: UV Inks and Coatings for Food Packaging

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