Why Join RadTech?

RadTech serves the UV & EB Industry and Market. RadTech Membership is your best asset, serving all links in the Supply Chain. There are several membership categories which recognize and serve different industry segments. Membership fees are tiered to correspond appropriately with the various industry segments.

The easiest way to apply for membership is online. If you prefer, a downloadable application form is available.

You Should Be a RadTech Member If

  • Your future is in developing new UV/EB technologies and processes, or in research, manufacturing or academia.
  • You believe UV/EB represents an important pathway to energy saving and an environmentally cleaner and safer world.
  • You represent a corporation committed to the manufacture of UV/EB systems, chemistry, supplies and the development of applications

Join RadTech members around the world as together we enable next-generation manufacturing by…

  • increasing efficiency
  • saving energy and reducing waste
  • using and developing sustainable and environmentally proactive materials
  • And doing it all with UV/EB!

Member Benefits

RadTech members receive exclusive benefits including publications, professional development and networking opportunities.

  • Receive member-only emails with opportunities, updates and relevant industry information
  • Print and digital subscription to UV+EB Technology. This is the only trade publication dedicated exclusively to developments in UV/EB. It reaches members, subscribers and those who are interested in working with our technology.
  • Monthly update emails from UV+EB Technology
  • RadTech members can access full text RadTech Technical Proceedings from the last several conferences, with hundreds of papers documenting the advance of UV/EB technology.
Professional Development
  • RadTech hosts several webinars per year intended to extend our reach and offer educational opportunities to those already familiar with the technology, as well as to those who are exploring the benefits of UV/EB for the first time. Once called “one of the single greatest RadTech member benefits,” RadTech offers free webinar presentation opportunities for members at no charge (and for nonmembers for a fee).
  • RadTech offers various, free email-based educational courses on UV/EB chemistry, LED, and other areas.
  • RadTech has an active presence on LinkedIn and runs a member group to assist with professional development and networking efforts.
Government Outreach
  • Our objectives include promoting the technology inside government and contributing to the development of public policy. Our goals are to initiate activities that ensure that UV/EB is recognized as the preferred technology and provide members with a stronger representative voice.
  • RadTech representation with the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) offers considerable opportunities for educating regulators about the benefits of UV/EB. An array of benefits to customers of our technology are already on the books, including permitting exemptions, reduced recordkeeping and several BACT listings.
Networking with Member Groups & Communities
  • RadTech hosts 3-4 regional meetings per year, favored by both members and nonmembers alike for networking opportunities and insightful focus group meetings designed to address industry and association strategic direction.
  • RadTech members can participate in exciting industry committees and make a difference on issues related to sustainability, health & safety, regulatory issues, new technology development, printing & packaging, transportation, additive manufacturing, education, and more.
  • RadTech members can join the Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing Alliance at a discounted rate and help set the agenda for the use and development of photopolymer materials within additive manufacturing.
Conferences & Events
  • RadTech’s Biennial Conference and Trade Show typically draws more than 1,300 attendees with more than 100 speakers and 80 exhibitors. This three-day event features the latest technical developments, end-user applications and academic advancements. The RadTech biennial Conference is held on even years.
  • The BIG IDEAS for UV+EB Technology conference focuses on the BIG IDEAS in the global space for UV+EB technology including advancements in 3D printing, additive manufacturing, UV LED, printing, automotive, data-driven materials and more. The BIG IDEAS conference offers the industry a forum to discuss the future of UV and EB technologies while learning more about the applications and science that will enable developments two years, five years and ten years down the road. This event is held on odd years and attracts close to 400 innovative thinkers.
Marketing and Influence Opportunities
  • RadTech events, webinars and publications offer considerable opportunities to establish leaders in our field by reaching highly targeted audiences; and enhancing both company outreach and personal development.
  • We offer discounts to members for exhibiting at our event and advertising in our magazine.
  • Online and print Buyer’s Guide Listing in UV+EB Technology Magazine
  • Members receive access to the RadTech membership list that you can use to network with peers and reach out to new customers.
Access to Industry Information and Market Research
  • As a member, you will receive more technical information. Our public and members-only websites serve as a resource center where you can access the latest in global UV/EB technical resources. RadTech also serves as a clearinghouse for regulatory information and takes the lead in educating government agencies and promoting effective regulation.
  • RadTech conducts its own market research to determine trends in UV/EB sales; the needs of the market; awareness of UV/EB technology; and expected benefits to users. With this information, RadTech is well positioned to undertake major projects that are often too large for any individual or corporation to undertake on their own. RadTech publishes a North American Market Report every two years as part of our biennial conference.

UV/EB is a technology that makes a difference. Please support RadTech as together we advance UV/EB.

Categories & Definitions Of Membership

Major Corporate Supplier

Annual revenue from sales of UV/EB-curing
equipment, chemicals, services, etc. in excess of $10 million. Annual RadTech support of $7,800 includes unlimited individual memberships.

Expanding Corporate Supplier

Annual revenue from sales of UV/EBcuring equipment, chemicals, services, etc. in excess of $5 million but less than $10 million. Annual RadTech support of $4,100 includes unlimited individual memberships.

Growing Corporate Supplier

Annual revenue from sales of UV/EBcuring equipment, chemicals, services, etc. in excess of $1 million but less than $5 million. Annual RadTech support of $2,000 includes unlimited individual memberships.

Developing Corporate Supplier

Annual revenue from sales of UV/EB curing equipment, chemicals, services, etc. less than $1 million. Annual RadTech support of $990 includes unlimited individual memberships.

Corporate End User

Company applies/uses formulated UV/EB products
(inks, coatings, adhesives) and does not produce or
supply UV/EB curing equipment, raw materials,
chemicals, services, etc. Annual RadTech support of
$1,050 includes unlimited individual memberships.

Individual End-User

Individual employed by a corporate end-user. Annual RadTech support when the company is not a member.



Member of academia involved in UV/EB. Annual RadTech support.



Student Affiliate

Complimentary membership for students enrolled full-time in a higher education program that involves UV/EB technologies, and is not employed by a company in the UV/EB industry.

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