RadTech Young Professionals

The RadTech YP Committee aims to help young professionals’ (YPs) growth in the use and development of UV & EB technology. We are a group dedicated to enhancing interactions between YPs and senior experts within RadTech. YPs are students and professionals less than 35 years old or with less than five years of experience post-graduation utilizing UV & EB technology in industry, government, or academia.

RadTech YP Mission

  • Connect professionals at all levels
  • Impact industry by driving innovation through connections
  • Discuss challenges and opportunities faced by YPs

RadTech YP provides …

  • opportunities to get involved with industry activities including Sustainalbilty, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing and Environment, Health and Safety
  • career opportunities
  • exposure through RadTech Conferences & Events and RadLaunch.

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Calling all Mentors and Mentees!

YPs are invited to sign up on our Mentoring platform in partnership with the National Academy of Inventors, called GAIN, Global Academic Inventors Network.

Notes: We understand the gap between formal education and working in the UV & EB industry, and the differences among the diverse sub-areas within the UV & EB industry. Our mission is to help professionals at all levels to connect and share their post-graduation experience, to learn from peers and experts, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that YPs face now, and bring in new ideas to shape the future of the UV & EB industry.

Lastest News

Access to NAI Mentorship Platform for RadTech Members

RadTech members have unique access to a mentorship platform through our National Academy of Inventors (NAI) membership.

RadTech is the first trade association to join as a member of NAI. NAI honors, encourages, and publicly recognizes academic inventors and innovators in all scientific disciplines.

We encourage all members to sign up as a mentor or mentee on the Global Academic Inventors Network (GAIN) here using the email associated with their RadTech membership or LinkedIn account. Then please join the RadTech group and connect with other members by completing your profile.

Tips on Navigating GAIN:

“As an MIT alum, I use the same platform as GAIN via a separate MIT Alumni Advisors Hub. As a mentee, I’ve asked for resume advice and career conversations about future career paths and advanced education options. As a mentor, I’ve provided insights on information sources and connections to people in my network for people of all backgrounds, including current students, recent graduates, and experienced professionals. I recommend that you fill out your profile completely and sign up as both a mentor and a mentee. You never know who might want to talk to you, no matter your level of experience, or who might be available and willing to talk to you about your future.”

RadTech YP Leadership

Sijia Huang


Alexandra Young


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