3M, Pepsi, Ford Motor, Procter & Gamble, Steelcase on Panel at RadTech 2016

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prwebMaterial Innovation at Major Consumer Products Manufacturers

3M, Pepsi, Ford Motor, Procter & Gamble, Steelcase on Panel at RadTech 2016

A unique cross industry discussion on material innovation is taking place at RadTech 2016, May 16, in Chicago, IL www.radtech2016.com. Inventive manufacturers around the world are taking the responsibility to develop low-impact, clean, competitive processes that are safer and more sustainable–and at the same time creating sensible, resourceful and more impactful product designs.

RadTech, the non profit trade association for next generation ultraviolet and electron beam processes has assembled a panel including 3M, Pepsi, Ford, Procter & Gamble, and Steelcase to discuss their company innovation efforts. The panel will consider “material and process innovation” and how their companies prioritize, explore, vet and adopt new manufacturing methods and products. Representing a wide cross section of U.S. manufacturing, the goal of the gathering is to exchange ideas and discover areas of shared experiences. RadTech 2016 showcases fast emerging ultraviolet and electron beam processes in manufacturing technology, with over 100 presentations and 80 exhibitors presenting the latest applications in printing and packaging, UV LEDs, 3D printing, inkjet, wood and building products, automotive, aerospace, electronics, hydrogels, and plastics. For more information visit www.radtech2016.com.