Getting floored for all the right reasons

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Choosing the right flooring for a commercial space can be an overwhelming decision. There can often be a lot more to take into consideration than when choosing flooring for the home.

Firstly, it needs to be seriously durable with the ability to safely handle high foot traffic and absorb noise while still fitting the feel, mood and purpose of the space.

“Commercial floors may need to balance any number of factors,” Australian Sustainable Hardwoods’ (ASH) national marketing manager Daniel Wright explains.

“Durability, longevity, appearance, acoustics, maintenance, hygiene, embodied energy, life cycle assessment, sustainability, design or look and feel to name a few”.

One of ASH’s most sought after products when it comes to commercial fitouts is their   Australian Oak engineered flooring.

“It is one of the most beautiful and sustainable products for internal applications on the market,” Wright says.

The locally produced, durable flooring is created using a combination of regrowth and plantation hardwoods.

The Australian Oak is coated to order in a Melbourne-based warehouse where surface texture, colour and gloss level can be applied to the customer’s choice of floor sizes and grades.

Wright explains that the coating coating process involves “an innovative LED light curing” where hardwax oils with zero VOC are combined with a hardening additive that cures and turns hard under a specific spectrum of light.

“Unlike most other coatings that require airflow and time to cure and for smell (VOC) to dissipate, LED cured hardwax oils cure instantly and have no VOC,” he says.

“This means retail outlets can perform maintenance on high traffic floors after business hours without missing $1 in sales.”