Stepping Stones in Automotive OEM

Part 1 Refinish

Stepping Stones in Automotive OEM, Part 1 Refinish

February 5, 2024, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST

Chris Seubert, Ford Motor Co., moderator.
Panelists: George Smith, SoCur; Mike Dvorchak, Rita Loof, RadTech, and More TBA

Discussion topics

  • Introduction to UV Technology in Automotive Refinish: Exploring the integration and impact of UV technology in the automotive refinish industry.
  • Advantages of UV Technology: Discussing the specific benefits that UV technology brings to automotive refinish processes.
  • Case Studies and Evidence: Examining real-world examples and success stories where UV technology has significantly improved automotive refinish.
  • Current Limitations and Challenges: Identifying and addressing the existing gaps or limitations in the application of UV technology in automotive refinish.
  • Future Prospects of UV: Predicting the evolution and potential advancements of UV technology in the refinish sector.
  • Regulatory Impacts of UV Technology: Understanding how UV technology aligns with or influences current automotive industry regulations.
  • Insurance Implications: Analyzing how the adoption of UV technology affects insurance processes and benefits in the automotive refinish industry.
  • Safety Considerations: Discussing the safety measures and human health considerations when using UV technology in automotive refinish.

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