Sustainability Archive

Cantor, Stephen. Webinar. 2014

UV Curing Technology: A Route to Solvent-Free Adhesives and Coatings

Davies, Mary Kate & Joshua Lensbouer. RadTech Report. Issue 1. 2014

Biobased Materials for UV Coatings

DeMondt, Roel. RadTech Report, Issue 3. 2012

Low-Migration, UV-Curable Inkjet Printing Inks for Packaging Applications.

Duncan, Don. RadTech Report. Summer, 2011

Value, Savings & Profit in UV/EB Printing

Golden, Ronald. May/June, 2005

Low-Emission Technologies: A Path to Green Industry

Golden, Ronald. RadTech Report, Issue 3. 2012

What’s the Score? A Method for Quantitative Estimation of Energy Use and Emission Reductions for UV/EB Curing

Golden, Ronald. RadTech Report. July/August 2008

Sustainabilty Advantages of Ultraviolet and Electron Beam CuringValidating UV/EB Sustainability for Customers

Goldman, Ron. 2010

Safety & Handling of UV/EB Curing Materials

Gould, Michael L. RadTech Report. July/August, 2010

Renewable/Sustainable Product Development: Green Chemistry vs. Energy-Curing Blues

Herold, John & Martin Kluke. RadTech Report, Issue. 3. 2012

UV Light-Curing Adhesives for Increased Productivity

Kelly, Michael. RadTech Report. April/May/June, 2009

The Economics of Sustainable UV Technology

Korn, David J. RadTech Report. May/June, 2005

Recyclability of UV and EB Printed and Coated Paper

Laksin, Mikhail, Sean Evans, Ken Fontaine and Subh Chatterjee. RadTech Report. Summer, 2011

EB Gravure: Novel Printing Concept for Sustainable PackagingEnergy Use and Emission Reductions for UV/EB Curing

Loof, Rita. RadTech Report. May/June, 2001

UV/EB Gains Regulatory Recognition

Loof, Rita. Webinar. 2013

Staying in Compliance and in Business with UV/EB

Lyou, Joe, Jack Broadbent, Laki Tisopulous, Lonnie Murphy & Rita Loof. Webinar. 2014

Enabling Clean Air Manufacturing with UV & EB Technology – Rules & Planning Panel Discussion

Marrapese, Martha. RadTech Report. November/December, 2005

Pollution Prevention Benefits Speak for Themselves

Monteleone, Doreen M., Lisa Fine & Stephen C. Lapin. Webinar. 2014

Demystifying UV & EB Technology: A Webinar for Government Regulators, Technical Assistance Providers and New Users

Monteleone, Doreen M., RadTech, Neal Cohen, CPSC & Mary Toro, CPSC. 2014

UV & EB Compliance with Federal Consumer Product Safety Standards

Pearsall, Tom & Chris Mirt. RadTech Report. November/December, 2007

A Case Study – UV Processes and a Corporate-Wide Green Movement


Breezing through Clean Air Act Permitting with UV/EB Coating – A Users Guide

Radtech. 2005

California Regulatory Agency Chooses UV Technology

Radtech. 2005

Clean Air Awards for UV & EB Technology


Regulatory Implications for UV/EB-cured Coatings Used in Packaging Children’s Products

Radtech. 2012

UV/EB Coatings & Food Contact Applications


UV/EB Health & Safety Guide

RadTech Equipment Safety Task Force. 2010

UV and EB Equipment Safety Topics

RadTech Technical Committee. RadTech Report. May/June, 2005

UV/EB Technology A Way to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

RadTech. RadTech Fact Sheet 2010

Guidance on Cleanup and Disposal of UV/EB-Curing Waste Materials

RadTech/UVEB Video. July, 2014

Safety & Handling of UV/EB Materials Videos

Ragwalla, Im. RadTech Report, Issue 3. 2015

Development in Low-Voltage EB Curing for High Product Throughput Applications

Ross, Alexander.

Eliminating Air Pollution (VOC & HAP) at the Source Through the Use of Ultraviolet or Electron Beam Polymerization

Ross, Jeffrey S. RadTech Report. Julyt/August 2007

UV&EB in the Flooring Industry – Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions & HAPS

Schoon, Doug. RadTech Report, Issue 3. 2013

New Studies Examine Safety of UV Curing for Fingernail Coatings

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